...the peaks and troughs of renewable energy output is a vital element in the design of electrical networks and SAFT has just the range of battery solutions to provide the reliability and life required.

With an increasing demand for renewable energy sources, PV (PhotoVoltic) and wind turbines are taking on greater roles in the global energy mix. Their inherently variable nature brings additional challenges and electricity to already stressed power grids that must match power generation and demand for optimum customer service at any time. What’s more, these RES (Renewable Energy System) installations are often in remote locations and subjected to harsh temperatures and punishing humidity.

SAFT’s range of battery systems delivers reliable and efficient energy storage in both off-grid and on-grid schemes, from the point of production through transmission and distribution to consumption. Our Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Li-ion technologies deliver high performance, long service life and low/zero maintenance requirements even in extreme conditions. This value proposition is designed to optimize energy efficiency, enable more flexible grid management, maximize investments and provide peace of mind knowing energy balance is under control across the entire energy supply chain


SAFT Features

Lithium primary, also known as lithium metal, by SAFT are compact non rechargeable cells and batteries for numerous applications. Lithium batteries are designed to provide high levels of power for emergency locaters, transmitters, automated meter reading, meters, alarms, life jackets, life rafts, and many more. Whatever your application, you will most likely find a Saft lithium battery able to meet your particular requirements.

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