Improving customer benefits is a key SAFT priority.  Using the appropriate technology, SAFT is committed to satisfying its customers with error-free solutions, products and services – on time, every time.

SAFT has long had a Quality policy aimed at fully satisfying customer needs and wants.  This policy is reflected in each SAFT site’s Quality manual, which in turn is the foundation of their ISO 9001 Quality certification (in addition to their ISO 14001 environmental and OHSAS 18001 certification).

All SAFT manufacturing sites are certified ISO 9001, and their certification is regularly updated.  In addition, some of the SAFT commercial offices are also certified.  Furthermore, SAFT is Quality certified for specific industries it serves, such as rail transport (IRIS), automotive (ISO/TS 16949) and aviation (AS/EN/JIQS 9100).


Service offering

SAFT provides a wide array of support and services to ensure that your battery system is the most robust, reliable and well-maintained for long-lasting optimization. Our support allows you to receive the most value from your investment over an extended period of time.


SAFT Features

Lithium primary, also known as lithium metal, by SAFT are compact non rechargeable cells and batteries for numerous applications. Lithium batteries are designed to provide high levels of power for emergency locaters, transmitters, automated meter reading, meters, alarms, life jackets, life rafts, and many more. Whatever your application, you will most likely find a Saft lithium battery able to meet your particular requirements.

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